Rochester Hills, Michigan

Projects by Blackstone Corporation

In the bustling city of Rochester Hills, Michigan, Blackstone Corporation has become synonymous with excellence and innovation in the realm of construction. This General Contractor and Commercial Construction Company have successfully left their mark on the cityscape by completing a diverse range of projects, from small retail tenant buildouts to office remodeling and impressive ground-up constructions.

Goddard School of Rochester Hills: A Haven for Learning

One notable project that stands as a testament to Blackstone Corporation’s commitment to quality is the Goddard School of Rochester Hills, located on Auburn Road. This 11,000 square foot facility, comprised of state-of-the-art classrooms, is a testament to Blackstone’s versatility. The Goddard School is renowned for providing exceptional daycare services in Rochester Hills, and Blackstone played a pivotal role in bringing this valuable educational resource to the community.

Zo’s Bubble Tea: A Sweet Addition to Rochester Hills

In the realm of small business support, Blackstone Corporation has also contributed to the vibrant local economy by assisting Zo’s Bubble Tea in establishing its presence in Rochester Hills, Michigan. This endeavor showcases Blackstone’s commitment not only to large-scale projects but also to fostering the growth of small businesses that enrich the local community.

Islamic Association of Greater Detroit: A Monumental Expansion

Currently underway is a project of significant magnitude—the expansion of the Islamic Association of Greater Detroit located on Auburn Road. Blackstone Corporation is diligently working on adding 54,000 square feet of prayer halls and administrative facilities to the existing 80,000 square foot building. This expansive endeavor is poised to redefine the religious landscape of Rochester Hills, providing the Islamic community with a contemporary and purpose-built space for worship and community engagement.

A Glimpse into the Future: Completion in 2024

With a projected completion date in 2024, the Islamic Association of Greater Detroit expansion is a testament to Blackstone Corporation’s commitment to both functionality and aesthetic appeal. This ambitious project showcases the company’s ability to navigate large-scale constructions with precision and efficiency, ensuring the timely delivery of spaces that meet the evolving needs of the community.

Community Impact and Building Legacies

Blackstone Corporation’s impact on Rochester Hills extends far beyond the structures they construct. By successfully completing projects like the Goddard School and supporting local businesses like Zo’s Bubble Tea, Blackstone has demonstrated a holistic approach to community development. The ongoing work with the Islamic Association of Greater Detroit further exemplifies their commitment to creating spaces that foster unity, spiritual growth, and community engagement.

As Blackstone Corporation continues to shape the city’s landscape, its legacy in Rochester Hills is one of transformative construction, economic vitality, and community enrichment. Each project undertaken by Blackstone leaves an enduring mark, contributing to the city’s growth and ensuring a legacy of excellence in the construction industry.