Farmington Hills, Michigan

Projects by Blackstone Corporation

Farmington Hills, Michigan where Blackstone Corporation has been weaving success stories through its dedication to quality construction and community development. In the heart of this vibrant city, we have proudly completed a spectrum of projects, exemplifying our commitment to excellence.

Farmington Hills: A Tapestry of Opportunities

Nestled in the Greater Detroit area, Farmington Hills is a community that embraces diversity and growth. Its charm lies in the blend of residential tranquility and bustling commercial spaces, making it an ideal canvas for transformative projects.

Tawheed Center of Farmington Hills: A Spiritual Haven

One standout project for Blackstone Corporation a commercial General Contractor has been the Tawheed Center of Farmington Hills. This religious facility, spanning 32,000 square feet, was a ground-up construction that now stands as a spiritual haven for the local community. Housing separate prayer halls for men and women, a social hall, gym, commercial kitchen, and more, the Tawheed Center is a testament to our ability to bring visions to life.

A Diverse Portfolio: Small to Big, We Handle It All

At Blackstone Corporation, our capabilities extend far beyond religious facilities. From small to medium-sized projects, including New Construction, Remodeling, Tenant Buildouts, and more, we take pride in our versatility. Whether it’s Hotels and Motels, Medical and Dental Facilities, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bubble Tea establishments, Furniture Stores, Office Buildings, Salons, Day Care Facilities, and beyond, we have successfully navigated diverse commercial projects.

Your Vision, Our Expertise

Our commitment is not limited by project size; Blackstone Corporation is equipped to handle any commercial endeavor. With a track record that includes a myriad of successful ventures, we bring passion and expertise to every construction project.

Partnering for Success

Farmington Hills has become a canvas for Blackstone Corporation’s commitment to community and commercial development. Our partnerships extend beyond construction, emphasizing collaboration and shared success. We believe in building more than structures; we build relationships that stand the test of time.

Whether you’re envisioning a commercial project large or small, Blackstone Corporation is here to turn your dreams into reality. Explore the potential of your project with a team dedicated to excellence and community development.

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