City of Detroit, Michigan

Projects by Blackstone Corporation

In the dynamic landscape of Detroit, where dreams of entrepreneurship thrive, Blackstone Corporation emerges as a key player in helping business owners bring their visions to life. As a reputable general contractor and commercial construction company, Blackstone has been instrumental in supporting countless entrepreneurs in launching their businesses by providing expert construction services. Over the years, the company has undertaken a diverse range of projects, contributing significantly to the urban development of the City of Detroit.

Small to Medium Size Projects:

Blackstone Corporation has become synonymous with turning ideas into reality through its involvement in various small to medium-sized projects across Detroit. These projects not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the city but also play a vital role in fostering economic growth and development.

Tenant Buildouts and Remodeling:

Specializing in Tenant Buildouts and Remodeling, Blackstone has been a trusted partner for business owners seeking to customize commercial spaces to meet their unique requirements. The company’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions has made it a go-to choice for those looking to create functional and visually appealing environments for their enterprises.

New Construction Ventures:

Blackstone’s portfolio extends beyond renovations and buildouts to encompass new construction projects, adding to the city’s architectural diversity. The company’s expertise in handling diverse construction requirements positions it as a leader in shaping the urban fabric of Detroit.

Quality Behavioral Services Partnership:

Among Blackstone Corporation’s noteworthy collaborations is its longstanding partnership with Quality Behavioral Services, a well-known drug rehabilitation service in Michigan. Over the past two decades, Blackstone has undertaken more than 10 projects for Quality Behavioral Services, contributing to the expansion and enhancement of their facilities.

Commitment to Quality:

Blackstone’s commitment to quality is evident in its enduring relationship with Quality Behavioral Services. By consistently delivering exceptional construction services, Blackstone has played a crucial role in creating environments conducive to the healing and well-being of individuals seeking rehabilitation services.


Blackstone Corporation stands as a pillar of support for entrepreneurs and organizations in Detroit, offering construction solutions that go beyond bricks and mortar. Through their involvement in various projects, both large and small, Blackstone has demonstrated a commitment to the growth and prosperity of businesses in the City of Detroit. The enduring partnership with Quality Behavioral Services further underscores the company’s dedication to making a positive impact in the community. As Detroit continues to evolve, Blackstone Corporation remains a reliable partner, building the foundations for business success and contributing to the vibrant and resilient spirit of the city.