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For over 22+ years, Blackstone Corporation has been delivering solid, high-quality structures across Michigan and its surrounding states to commercial real estate developers, retail store owners, franchise owners, and other commercial facilities.  We are the commercial general contractor of choice for many of our clients who trust us for consistently delivering unparalleled results in the form of high-quality buildings that are built to last.  

As a leader in the commercial construction industry, Blackstone Corporation is equipped with extensive experience, a reliable management system, and a team of over 100 talented craft and trade professional subcontractors. This enables us to complete any project within the given time frame and budget.  Our commitment to excellence in commercial construction sets us apart from the rest in the industry. 

We provide a complete solution for all types of commercial construction projects with the following services:

  • Preconstruction Planning
  • General Contractor Services
  • Construction Management
  • Value Engineering

Pre-Construction Planning

The wise Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”  We at Blackstone Corporation understand that a great vision is the core of any great project.  Our Pre-construction Planning service puts costs and design at the center of planning for that exemplary vision. 

To ensure that every project is successful and our clients get great results, we perform effective preconstruction planning which covers the scope of work, schedule, and budget.  

Our Pre-Construction Planning Services Include:

  • Initial meeting with you to discuss and assess your needs 
  • Preparing a pre-construction budget
  • Setting up a pre-construction schedule
  • Putting together an expert design team
  • A detailed review of the plan and specifications
  • Value engineering recommendations
  • Construction means and methods analysis
  • Bid package and scope of work development

With our pre-construction planning process, you’ll be able to determine the most efficient use of finances and resources for the project. It also helps identify any potential constructional problems that may arise along the way, with their possible solutions. This ensures the project is completed timely and within the set budget.

General Contractor Services

Established in 2009, Blackstone Corporation is a fully inclusive General Contractor that has completed hundreds of commercial and retail projects.  We offer you expert and professional help for your construction projects while matching your unique needs and budget.  

As your preferred General Contractor, we are responsible for closely monitoring the daily activities at your construction site to ensure that the project’s completion is transparent. 

We also manage trades and vendors and provide an unparalleled communication platform to all parties involved from the beginning to the end of your project.  We liaise between architects, engineers, city/county/state officials, subcontractors, and suppliers to ensure smooth processes and timely completion of your construction project.

Construction Management

When engaging our Construction Management services, you can be sure to have your construction project completed well in time and on the desired budget, with the highest standards of quality.

Blackstone Corporation is committed to the highest standards of workmanship and client satisfaction.  As your first choice Construction Manager, we start off early in the project planning phase by working closely with you and the expert architect to prepare a construction budget and schedule. It is our responsibility to manage all aspects of your project and ensure that the right personnel is present to make key onsite decisions to prevent any potential added costs or delays in the completion of the project. 

Furthermore, we ensure all team players involved in the project are performing to their highest potential along with maintaining quality and ensuring the health and safety of all parties. 

Communication is one of the most important aspects of any successful project. Therefore, we ensure that all parties involved such as the owner, the architect, the engineers, subcontractors, etc., are well informed throughout the project. We will maintain a record of all relevant onsite activities while putting great stress on quality control.

Value Engineering

Blackstone Corporation understands that by applying value engineering to construction projects, it is possible to reduce overall costs and increase the functionality and value of the end product.  

That’s why we provide value engineering service during the design phase of the project. With value engineering, our expert engineers devise substitution of methods and materials with alternatives that cost less, while maintaining the functionality of each.

Our team of professional designers and engineers work together to chalk out the most economical solutions possible, according to your budget.  No matter the size of your building project, our project managers can help your project reach the finish line in style.

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