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For many years, Blackstone Corporation has worked with hundreds of restaurant owners all the way from the design phase to the successful completion of their restaurant’s construction.  Our expert team is highly skilled and up to date with the ever-changing industry trends in hospitality and can help make your dreams a reality. 

We have successfully completed various projects for restaurant owners in South-East Michigan. Here are some exceptionally projects that set us apart from the rest:

Biggby Coffee- 7 Shops 

We understand that when designing and building a café or coffee shop, it is extremely important to put great attention to the detail of the internal layout of the building.  You need to create comfortable and functional areas for people visiting your coffee shop- who may want to sit and work there as they sip their coffee.  

The expert team at Blackstone Corporation kept this in mind when creating the spaces for the seven Biggby Coffee stores.  These coffee shops are located in Troy MI, Commerce Township MI, Wayne MI, Taylor MI, Westland MI, and Trenton MI. 

Bubble Tea- 3 Stores 

As of today, Blackstone Corporation has helped three different bubble tea store owners located in Madison Heights MI, Rochester Hills MI, and Troy MI, that have now a huge customer base. 

From a narrow-seating area to a wide lounge, our team of experts is well trained to come up with the best design for your bubble tea shop that is trendy and lively. We ensure that your customers choose you as their go-to store when they’re craving bubble tea.

Restaurants- 2 Projects 

We understand that a well-built building is one of the prerequisites to a successful restaurant business.  Keeping that in mind, Blackstone Corporation recently completed two full-service restaurants located in Rochester Hills MI and Detroit MI. 

To make sure their restaurant is up to the mark, Blackstone Corporation came up with a restaurant design that could comfortably accommodate all their valuable customers and offer them a welcoming ambiance that they want to come back to, over and over again.  

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