Medical and Dental Offices

Medical and Dental Offices

Blackstone Corporation completely understands how important it is to build safe and healthy spaces for your medical, optical, or dental practices- that provide your patients with an aesthetically appealing aura for their comfort and ease.  

That’s why we cater to your medical facility construction needs- whether you aspire to build a state-of-the-art dental or optical clinic, medical center, or even a vet’s hospital. 

Our expert and qualified commercial construction team is determined to employ a substantial range of practice design and technology and works one-on-one with your practice from the beginning thru to the end to make sure the final structure fully achieves your objectives. 

Here are just a few of the many such projects we have undertaken and completed successfully in recent years:

Smile Fresh Dental: Located in Auburn Hills Michigan

Blackstone Corporation has extensive experience in turnkey clinic development that we leveraged when building the Smile Fresh Dental Clinic in Auburn Hills.  Our highly skilled team of engineers, architects, designers, sub-contractors, and managers understand the functional complexities that accompany building a modern specialist dental clinic. 

That’s why we initiated this project with careful planning that ensured the practice offered a welcoming, sophisticated, and warm ambiance for its patients in the form of a well-designed reception and check-up rooms.  

W Optical: Located in Auburn Hills Michigan

Blackstone Corporation recently completed W Optical with careful planning and meticulous project management. The spacious waiting area and welcoming entrance are encapsulated by the exceptional design skills our expert team incorporated in this project. We worked together with the client to design an atmosphere that is functional, safe, accessible and inviting for patients.  

Huda Clinic: Located in Detroit Michigan

As a leading medical facility construction company, we understand that almost always, a trip to the doctor is a daunting experience for everyone. That’s why we leveraged our superior design expertise to make sure that each area of the Huda Clinic is the perfect balance of efficiency, aesthetics, and ergonomics.

 We came up with a structured design for Huda Clinic that created a better healing environment for its patients while allowing the healthcare professionals to enjoy a better working environment. 

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