Educational Facilities

Educational Facilities

Blackstone Corporation is well experienced in managing the construction of many private and public-school projects from scratch.  We understand that educational facilities require a unique set of design and specialized construction expertise. 

As the specialist school builder in Michigan for the past 22 years, our expert team of highly professional engineers, designers, artisans, sub-contractors, and managers fully understands your specific needs that help us in delivering cost-effective projects, while being ingeniously designed. This ensures your educational outcomes are maximized to their full potential. 

A few of the numerous educational facilities we have built include the following:

Goddard School: Located in Rochester Hills, Michigan

Creating spaces that ignite fascination and promote discovery, we worked on this beautifully designed educational facility to provide a safe and caring zone for kids’ everyday learning opportunities. Each and every corner built on the Goddard School campus was thoughtfully designed to give their students a chance to thrive on their educational path. 

Noor Academy: Located in Rochester Hills, Michigan.  

Our passion for creating nurturing buildings to provide a solidly built, spatial education facility can be seen in our project of Noor Academy.  Building the perfect structures for everyday teaching, physical education, visual arts, and play, this academy is a testament to Blackstone Corporation’s commitment to providing high-quality educational facility projects every single time.  

Huda School: Located in Franklin, Michigan.

Leveraging our decades of experience in building educational facilities, we constructed the Huda School whilst engaging the latest developments in planning and design to achieve a learning environment that would facilitate robust teaching and learning.

It is of utmost importance for us to provide construction services that impart an ultra-modern educational environment along with providing great value for our clients’ money.  

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