Why Is It Important to Hire an Experienced Commercial General Contractor

When hiring a experienced general contractor to oversee your commercial build, there can be a number of different factors to evaluate. You should never make that decision simply on budget, but it’s something to consider. Hiring local is encouraged, but shouldn’t be the decisive factor in your hire. That being said, there is one ingredient that should be never overlooked in a general contractor on a project – experience.

One of the main answers to why is it important to hire an experienced commercial general contractor is “because they’ve been down this road before.” There really is no substitute to the benefits that can be gained (and passed on to your project) from having multiple years and numerous projects under one’s belt. Obviously you’ll still weigh budget, timeline, location, etc. when making your ultimate general contractor decision but here are more reasons why experience could be your biggest asset.

A Proven Track Record

Simply put, the commercial construction field is a very competitive industry. There’s no way a company can make it in this day and age without showing an exemplary history of completing projects to spec and budget. Word of mouth and online reputations travel at the speed of light and a contractor with experience will have proven to provide a great overall experience to their customers.

Contacts in the Industry

Experience has a trickle down effect in knowing which suppliers and subcontractors in the area are reliable and provide quality work. Having a network built up over years of experience also means savings that are passed on to the project owner. Lower material costs, faster delivery times, bulk orders, and more are all factors that lead to completing a project on budget and on time.


Perhaps the best thing to be gained regarding why it is important to hire an experienced commercial general contractor is their experience. This extends much further than just knowing the proper building methods, but also to ensure your project meets the required legal specifications as well. Complying with commercial building codes, obtaining proper liabilities and permits, scheduling inspections, and filing other required paperwork is just as important as the construction process itself. Your property must not only be physically sound, but analytically secured as well.

Even a general contractor with the best devotion to customer service and the largest workforce utilizing the highest of technologies at the lowest price in the market cannot compare with job site experience. It’s a resource that has been obtained over decades, but one that is passed on to you in every individual project.

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